1.11.2 Fill Spa With Water, Power Up Spa and Set Water Temperature

The following steps provide guidance to help establish correct chemically balanced water. To help ensure chemicals dissolve appropriately it is good practice to first mix/dissolve the chemical in an uncontaminated container of hot water before carefully adding to the spa water.
Steps to Fill Spa With Water Power Up Spa and Set Water Temperature

Step 1. Fill Spa Fill your spa through the filter intake as shown
to the appropriate level (just under the head rests). If you have sediment or high mineral content a “carbon filled pre-filter”, as pictured, can help. (This is optional and will prolong the fill time).

Step 2. Connect/Turn on Electrical Power to the spa once the spa is filled to the proper level, and turn the power on to the spa on.

Step 3. Set Water Temperature Set the water temperature control on the Topside Controller to the desired temperature (between 100oF and 104oF or 38°C and 40°C).